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The Importance of Winterizing House

Winterization is the process of preparing your household possessions for the winter season. Typically, winterization refers to protecting items from the damage caused by frozen water, but it may apply to any method or procedure that you take to ensure your possessions are protected from the harsh effects of winter. One may typically think of a summer home or cabin being winterized to protect pipes from bursting, but those who live in cold climates should winterize many items. These include boats, cars, sprinkler systems, trailers, swimming pools as well as your home. The time spent preparing your items for the winter months will ensure that your belongings are well protected and will maintain their proper working order. If you fail to winterize your items, you may be surprised to discover that serious, irreversible damage has taken place causing the ultimate destruction of your possessions.


Winterizing your car is of the utmost importance as something as simple as not changing the anti freeze can cause your car to succumb to the effects of winter very quickly. Knowing the best type of anti freeze to use and other tips will help ensure that your car is adequately prepared for the winter months. Many times, people who live in warmer climates are not prepared for winterizing their vehicles and if they travel out of state, they can encounter difficulties. Therefore it is important that all people understand the nature of winterization whether you live in a cold climate or spend time vacationing or traveling. It is also very important for people who collect antique or vintage cars to properly winterize them to preserve them throughout their months in storage.


When it comes to winterizing your boat, many people prefer to store their boats in a commercial storage unit. This ensures that their boat remains in a properly controlled climate for the duration of the winter months. Storing your boat is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that it is in great condition come spring.

Another important area that needs special attention during winter is your garden sprinkler system. During the winter months, any water that remains in the pipes may freeze causing the pipes to expand and subsequently break. It is important that all water is blown out of the sprinkler system therefore it is recommended that this procedure is left to a professional and not attempted at home.

If you own an RV trailer, it is also important to properly winterize your trailer to ensure that you will be able to use it next spring. Many people have an experienced RV technician service and winterize their RV's for them. You will need to ensure that all water is thoroughly drained from the RV before storage. This includes draining the water tank, pipes, and valves.


Finally, winterizing your home is vitally important to managing your bills and plays an important role in determining your energy costs. A properly winterized home will be free of leaks and will have energy efficient storm windows as well as be free of any gaps around windows and doors.




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